Trichology Services


Certified Trichology Services



What is a Trichologist?

A Trichologist is a person who focus on the study of hair and scalp diseases and disorders.


What do Trichologist offer?

Hair loss is extremely devasting event in a woman and mans life. Rather it is from cancer or hereditary or if it was caused by some type of traction, it can be embarrassing and very hard to overcome.


I am Shay the Hairstylist also know as Shannon. And I am here to serve you with my 20 year expertise and my certified skills combined to bring you un matched results. Alopecia runs in my family so this is something that I have always found as a challenge but overcame.


At Heavenly Trichology services we offer non-surgical and non-chemical hair regrowth treatments. We work with dedicated clients for 3 months to 1 year on a hair regrowth journey.


If you have recently visited your dermatologist and were diagnosed with any of these conditions then you are candidate for my services:


Hair Loss







Trichology Consultation $250


What to expect during your consultation?


  1. Its MANDATORY that you bring your dermatologist paperwork. No less than a year old. It’s vital that I understand your diagnosis.

  2. Is this hair loss or a scalp disorder

  3. Scalp Scope Analysis

  4. Norwood Scale Measurements

  5. Zytoscan Analysis/Results

  6. Suggestion of Supplements

  7. Treatment Plan, Pricing & Scheduling

  8. Follow up

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Frontal & Closure Wigs $350 & up

Non-Cranial Prothesis $400 & up

Custom Wig Units $200 & up




We offer various services for our clients. All of our programs include everything you'll need to be successful during the treatment phase of your plan. We dedicate time, research, and implementation to ensure that each client is truly getting what they need. 


Our programs are designed in 6 month intervals. Each of our programs will last a time frame of three months. All of our programs include the products and tools needed to go on this journey of Hair Restoration.


Angel Treatment Program $1200.00

(Consultation + 6 treatments)

The angel program is best suited for sudden/acute hair loss and scalp ailment types. These types include but aren't limited to postpartum alopecia, hair loss after weight loss, recent shedding, seborrheic dermatitis


Heavenly Treatment Program $2200.00

(Consultation + 12 treatments)

This program is best suited for intermediate hair loss and scalp conditions. These types include noticeable thinning, chronic hair shedding, some autoimmune related concerns and more sever cases of the concerns listed in the opal treatment program.


The Ultimate Divine Treatment Program $2800.00

(Consultation + 12 treatments + Unlimited Laser Treatments)

This program is has been created specifically for aggressive forms of hair loss and skin conditions. In this consultation we will go over your current state of scalp health, possible contributing factors and a general plan of action.